About Us


The mission Hank’s Maintenance & Service Co. Ltd.  is to consistently distinguish itself by providing the highest quality services to companies engaged in the oil  industry.


·Services Provided

Hank’s Maintenance & Service Co. Ltd. provides inspection and repair of oil well pump units and gearboxes.

·The History of Hank’s

Hank’s was formed in 1968 by Hank Fuglerud. In 1981, Grant and Conrad Walkom bought the business from Hank.  In 1998, Grant and Elaine Walkom purchased Conrad’s portion and continue to own the company 100%.   Over the years, the company has grown to more than 30 employees.

·Organizational Structure

Hank’s is a corporation (Hank’s Maintenance & Service Co. Ltd.)  with Grant Walkom serving as President

·Management Philosophy

The company believes that each employee should be given appropriate responsibilities based on experience and education.  It is also their belief that the employee should be given corresponding authority to carry out the responsibilities with which they are charged.